Mill Creek Youth Center


Division of Juvenile Justices Service

Mission StatemenT

The mission of the Division of Juvenile Justice Service is to be the leader in the field of juvenile justice by changing young lives, supporting families and keeping communities safe.

Mill Creek Youth Center

Address: 790 W 12th St, Ogden, UT 84404        Phone: (801) 334-021


Secure Care Facilities are long-term locked confinement facilities for serious and habitual delinquent youth. These youth require 24-hour monitoring and supervision focused on rehabilitation and community protection.

  • Program Description
    • Youths are ordered to Secure Care by a Utah Juvenile Court Judge. Upon commitment, the Youth Parole Authority assumes jurisdiction. Once committed to Secure Care, youths are assessed to determine their rehabilitative needs and to reduce their risk of reoffending. This becomes the Treatment Plan that guides a youth’s progress in Secure Care. The length of stay in Secure Care and parole dates are decided by the Youth Parole Authority. Each case is reviewed on a quarterly scheduled basis. Youths placed in Secure Care are rated daily to determine individual progress on treatment goals and their behavior in the facility. To help promote success, youths are also provided with mental health, educational, recreational and medical/dental/optometry services. They also have the ability to participate in other classes and programs to enhance their individual talents, to become more employable, and to improve their independent living skills.